Givda + wardance dj set @ Ex Wide (PI)

Venerdì 22 Febbraio - ore 22.00

Ex Wide e Wardance presentano:


is a musical project based on synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines.
It’s a musical project Rearguard Futurist born in Florence at the end of 2011.
Can be defined as a blend of techno and Krautrock that merging together they create a unique sound with strong hints that point to certain Soundtracks Minimal Wave.
Sound research is the basis of G I V D A.
Analog Synthesizers, Drum Machines and Sequencers come together to create rhythms and haunting melodies almost martial develop progressively into a new dimension tribal.
If you love John Carpenter and Doris Norton, belive in G I V D A.


A seguire Wardance Dj set

80's- new wave - electro - Minimal Synth - post punk - rock - and more.....
w/ Dampyr D + Hanzel + Retinal Mist



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Ex Wide - via Franceschi, Pisa

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Music for pleasure its not music no more music to dance to music to move this is music to march to to dance the war dance
(Wardance – Killing Joke)