pANIC - unhappybirthday (DE) + dj set @ Off Bar (FI)

Giovedì 23 Maggio 2013 - ore 22


Off Bar - Wardance - 8ttag0ni


unhappybirthday (DE)

"Introduce yourselves to the new German new-wave trio out of Wismar, unhappybirthday. The secret weapon here is to take the most infectious elements of effective pop song constructions and channel them through a self-treated glooms-day machine that spits out any digitizations as analogue fodder. What these three men provide is the new standard of tragic opera that presents Goethe-ian characters being denied by the objects of desire like 'Molly', the trials of 'Pyramiden', the brilliant pop intrusion of 'Invasion' and the electronic hum of 'Anorak'."
- Impose Magazine

Aftershow  dj set w/ Hanzel (Wardance)

è il nuovo giovedì targato Wardance presso l' Off Bar, situato nello splendido giardino della fortezza da Basso di Firenze.

Ingresso gratuito

Off Bar
Viale Filippo Strozzi - Giardini della Fortezza da Basso - Firenze


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Music for pleasure its not music no more music to dance to music to move this is music to march to to dance the war dance
(Wardance – Killing Joke)