pANIC - Death In Plains + Wardance dj set @ Off Bar (FI)

Giovedì 20 Giugno 2013 - ore 22


Off Bar - Wardance

Presentano: Death In Plains

Conceived more as Internet meme – rather than a music act, DIP(s) is something which has to do with the transformation of pop music production in the digital domain, ephemeral distribution, the hype machine and the generation grown between the first PlayStation and the incoming of DSL+ connections.

"Mixes up Super Mario with Lady Gaga"- Dazed & Confused

"Forget Washed Out. Death In Plains is the one you want to watch"- Artrocker

"Warp-esque IDM from an Italian that's more than a musician" - Loud & Quiet

"Illuminating tracks" - The PIX

"La sua musica ci ha fatto sentire come come quando il piccolo dumbo sotto LSD viene circondato da elefantoni rosa" - Vice

"Wonderfully intoxicating swirls of electro-shoegaze" - Don't Die Wondering

“This enigmatic fellow makes the most beautiful and wondrous music” - Dean Chalkley

"Brilliantly warping childlike synthpop melodies with distorted industrial percussion" - The New Thing

"Kind of like fireworks going off in your headphones, the kind of gauzy, medicated sound I wish Animal Collective would incorporate into their music. This is fantastic music" - Surfing On Steam

"Legions of soaked T-shirted kids marching on the spot in a dancefloor half-dream" - Offset Festival

"Si potrebbe banalmente definire come musica elettronica, ma che in realtà non basterebbe un dizionario per descriverlo a dovere" - Vice

"Un autore strabiliante, talmente dentro il suo tempo (fuzzy, lo-fi, eventuale) da meritare gli accostamenti alle indie-celebrità come Fuck Buttons e Banjo Or Freakout" - Italian Embassy

Aftershow  dj set Wardance

è il nuovo giovedì targato Wardance presso l' Off Bar, situato nello splendido giardino della fortezza da Basso di Firenze.

Ingresso gratuito

Off Bar
Viale Filippo Strozzi - Giardini della Fortezza da Basso - Firenze


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Music for pleasure its not music no more music to dance to music to move this is music to march to to dance the war dance
(Wardance – Killing Joke)