pANIC - Docks + Wardance dj set @ Off Bar (FI)

Giovedì 04 Luglio 2013 - ore 22


Off Bar - Wardance - UltraTwist

Presentano: Docks

Having only formed earlier this year, the quartet comprised of Andre, Carlo, Matte and Wil, bear a striking sonic resemblance to the tracks that first made a name for Foals (Hummer, Cassius etc.), with their jerky guitar lines and percussion driven builds. It’s not often that Italian acts feature on CitR, and it’s even less frequent for me to be so excited about an Italian act, so cherish this one whilst you can.

crack in the road

Aftershow  dj set Wardance

è il nuovo giovedì targato Wardance presso l' Off Bar, situato nello splendido giardino della fortezza da Basso di Firenze.

Ingresso gratuito

Off Bar
Viale Filippo Strozzi - Giardini della Fortezza da Basso - Firenze


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Music for pleasure its not music no more music to dance to music to move this is music to march to to dance the war dance
(Wardance – Killing Joke)