Italomatic - 11 giugno @ Chelsea bar (DE)

ITALOMATIC, conceived by two insane Berlin based italian minds, it's the night devoted to underrated worldwide electronic sounds from the late '70s to the early '90s. Take on a journey beyond time and space, from the spanish "Nueva Ola" to the Soviet era groove bombs, from italian "Spaghetti Disco" to the L.A. suburbs.


Hanzel + Hot Paradox


||Acid|| Italo||Mutant||New Wave||NDW||New Beat|| Let's pretend it's Chicago or Detroit 1988||


The Chelsea Bar
Torstrasse 59, Berlin, Mitte

Free entry

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Music for pleasure its not music no more music to dance to music to move this is music to march to to dance the war dance
(Wardance – Killing Joke)